Share The Planet Plan

Lets Make a Plan to Share the Land
Share The Planet Plan

Share The Planet Plan

April 21st-30th, 2022 at The Garden

A free event for free people.

Bringing a collective vision into reality. 


We used to share the earth as all other beings on the planet do. Living together, migrating freely, and blessed in natural abundance. The earth has been hijacked by humans; littered with no trespassing signs, polluted and exploited for capital. What if we relearned how to share? Collectively funding land to create free food forests, intentional communities, and a network of shared spaces that support each other

We can create the world we wish to see if we come together, share our collective wisdom and make a plan. 

This events purpose is to gather like-minded individuals with values of equality, autonomy, peaceful cooperation, and sustainable earth stewardship to dream up a world we’d all like to see and take meaningful steps to make it happen.

Lets make a plan to share the land!

8967 Galen Road, Lafayette, Tennessee

Sustainability Workshops, Musical and Circus performances, and Share the Planet Plan Vision Circles will take place from April 21st to the 30th, but people are encouraged to come the 17th to begin preparing the space for the gathering. Plan to camp during your stay, eat organic produce from our gardens, and use basic off-grid compost toilets and facilities.

This event is free of charge and will operate as a collaborative effort. Experiencing the day-to-day lifestyle within an intentional community will be an integral part of this gathering. Everyone is encouraged to participate in gardening, cooking, cleaning, and all other activities involved with operating as a collective. There will be workshops on soil building, building a compost toilet, seed planting, etc! Anyone is welcome to host a workshop and share their knowledge, or offer an artistic performance! Reach out if you’d like us to put you on the schedule.


This event takes place at The Garden, an egalitarian intentional community and activist hub. The purpose of The Garden is to be a place where those who want to help others can prosper in an autonomous sustainable way and therefore stop funding those who are working to destroy the earth.










The Garden is also the primary operating hub of The Peoples Project, a nonprofit organization aiming to support shared spaces through a network of permaculture and mutual aid. The Peoples Project has recently established two new areas of land that will be shared amongst the collective as a step towards the Share the Planet Plan. Anyone who resonates with this vision is welcomed to be an integral part of these efforts as we continue to grow and strengthen this network.