Lets Make a Plan to Share the Land

April 21st-30th, 2022 at The Garden

A free event for free people.

Bringing a collective vision into reality. 


We used to share the earth as all other beings on the planet do. Living together, migrating freely, and blessed in natural abundance. The earth has been hijacked by humans; littered with no trespassing signs, polluted and exploited for capital. What if we relearned how to share? Collectively funding land to create free food forests, intentional communities, and a network of shared spaces that support each other

We can create the world we wish to see if we come together, share our collective wisdom and make a plan. 

This events purpose is to gather like-minded individuals with values of equality, autonomy, peaceful cooperation, and sustainable earth stewardship to dream up a world we’d all like to see and take meaningful steps to make it happen.

Lets make a plan to share the land!

8967 Galen Road, Lafayette, Tennessee